Firsts (Bintan, Indonesia)

You’ll always remember your first.

Yes, I remember. It was labour day weekend 2016 and it was my…

First time to take a 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore to go overseas.

20160430_135559.jpg 20160430_143112.jpg

First time to have a quick weekend getaway at Bintan, Indonesia.

20160502_144414.jpg 20160430_170538(0).jpg


First time after a long time to have a break from a backpacker’s way of traveling by actually checking in a hotel and not a hostel.

Nirwana Gardens Resort Hotel

First time to catch a live band performance over drinks in Indonesia.

20160430_215649.jpg 20160430_210744.jpg

First time to dine in a Kelong restaurant.

20160501_140934.jpg 20160501_143026.jpg 20160501_143035.jpg 20160501_154517.jpg

It was a special and memorable trip not only because of those firsts but because it was the

First time I went on a trip with this guy. 🙂


I remember and will never forget. Neither will he. How could he? It was the

First time he saw my goofy self. Hahaha.

Bintan, Indonesia | May 2016

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