One Bus Ride Away to a Quick Getaway (Malacca, Malaysia)

The first photo I have from this trip is of us when we touched down Malacca (also spelled as Melaka), Malaysia.


Why? Funny story. Well, it’s funny now. It was scary then.

So what exactly happened? It was my first bus ride from Singapore to Malaysia.

When we got to the border, we all had to get off the bus to get through immigration. Since I have this travel blog of mine in mind, I wanted to document everything. And when I say everything, it meant I was documenting even as I got off the bus to enter the premises.

Okay. So this was where it all got messy. I was taking a video for a Snapchat and just as I was about to enter, I was stopped by an officer and asked for my passport. I had no idea what I did wrong until he pointed to a huge pull up banner in front of me saying taking photos and videos is not allowed in the premises.


So he asked me to step aside, got my passport, my work pass, and asked me to surrender my phone.

He radioed someone and 5 minutes later 5 more officers approached us.


So they were asking me why I did it.

I said I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed. Which wasn’t a good alibi at all. I know ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

They asked me where the footage was.

I said I deleted it.

They got furious.

I said when they said it wasn’t allowed, I deleted it already and had to explain to them the concept of Snapchat.

So they took note of my name, took a photo of my passport, and my work pass.

Again. Omg.

I was so anxious and it didn’t help that my friend Anna messaged me that the whole bus is waiting for me already.

I asked the officer if they will let me pass or not.

Thank God they did.


Well, I’m charging it to experience. Looking back to it now, it really was quite an experience. Hahaha.


So okay, we got to Melaka, Malaysia after hours of traveling via bus from Singapore.

It was our first time there so we had to find our way to our hostel


which was quite nice for its price!

20160305_124805.jpg 20160305_123947.jpg

After we dropped our stuff, we went out again to explore.

20160305_153826.jpg 20160305_125517.jpg 20160305_125641.jpg 20160305_125644.jpg 20160305_125758.jpg 20160305_130939.jpg 20160305_133613.jpg 20160306_155321.jpg

A quaint town this town is.


With interesting facades

20160305_134931.jpg 20160305_134938.jpg 20160305_134950.jpg 20160305_160050.jpg

and street art.

20160305_163703.jpg 20160305_163755.jpg 20160305_163809.jpg IMG-20160306-WA0016.jpg 20160305_163854.jpg 20160305_163916.jpg 20160305_164055.jpg

By the end of the hot and sunny afternoon, we were all flushed and starving!

20160305_140634.jpg 20160305_141059.jpg

We then made our way back to the hostel to rest so we’ll have enough energy for…


…what we came to Melaka for —FOOD TRIP AT NIGHT!


We braved the crowd

20160305_201009.jpg 20160305_201316.jpg

and the humidity


to get a taste of the different street food

20160305_201058.jpg 20160305_201104.jpg

at the city center.


And so we ate

20160305_220028.jpg 20160305_221344.jpg

and ate more!

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 7.47.17 AM.png

By the end of the night, we were stuffed and satisfied.

Oh and we made friends!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 11.12.48 PM.png


The next morning, we started the day by eating again. HAHA.

Free breakfast at the hostel!


They say when you’re in Melaka, you gotta have a massage and/or spa. Better and way more affordable than Singapore prices.

And so we did.


And it was one of the best massages we’ve had. *thumbs up*


And that was it for our overnight getaway from Singapore to Melaka, Malaysia!

Watch snaps from the whole trip here:
Malacca, Malaysia | March 2016

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