I Spent My Birthday Week With Strangers: Part I (Bangkok, Thailand)

I was turning 25 and was experiencing quarter-life crisis. (Haha.)

So what to do? Yeahp. Get out there again.

I booked the flights, filed my leaves at work, and I was on my way.

This is Part I of how I spent my 25th birthday week at Thailand.

I had a 7pm flight to Bangkok and was rushing all my work before I head to the airport.

Work-life balance indeed.


I touched down BKK and headed straight to my hostel. It has been a long day!

First stop for the week: Bangkok


I stayed at Bed Station Hostel, which was probably one of the best hostels I’ve stayed at.


I loved the interiors.

IMG_1999.jpg IMG_2004.jpg IMG_2005.jpg IMG_2006.jpg

and the raw finishings.


Even their bathrooms were as nice!

IMG_2010.jpg IMG_2009.jpg

I got myself a bed at the dorms. Though I shared the room with 3 other people,

IMG_1984.JPG IMG_1983.jpg

I still had the privacy I needed. Not bad, eh?


They also served free breakfast.

IMG_2003.JPG IMG_1992.jpg IMG_1998.jpg
Bed Station Hostel’s website: https://www.bedstationhostel.com/en/index

It was my first time in Bangkok and I didn’t know much about the must-dos and must-go-tos. All I knew was Bangkok was a good place to eat, drink, shop, and have massages.

So that’s exactly what I did for the first 3 days of this trip.


I talked to some of the backpackers at the hostel and all of them pointed me to go to Khao San. I hopped on the public bus (which was free) and made my way there.

IMG_2018.jpg IMG_2017.jpg IMG_2021.JPG

Okay, here’s one thing you should know about traveling by yourself: always be ready to get lost.


I got off the bus too early and I had to find my way to Khao San by foot.


I had no idea where I was and how far I was from the place.


So I walked, asked around,


tried to find my way through small and back streets,


and I don’t know how but I finally got to Khao San.

IMG_2032.jpg GOPR5316.JPG GOPR5344.JPG

And this was mostly where I spent my few days at Bangkok.


To shop,

IMG_2064.jpg IMG_2066.JPG IMG_2040.jpg GOPR5341.JPG


IMG_2048.jpg IMG_2049.jpg

hang out with new friends,

IMG_2052.jpg IMG_2054.jpg

eat more,

IMG_2062.jpg IMG_2069.jpg IMG_2299.jpg IMG_2107.jpg

and of course, have night caps.

IMG_2076.jpg IMG_2079.jpg

That was simply what I did for the first part of my birthday week.

At the end of this leg of the trip,


we had a few beers at the hostel and at exactly midnight of the 18th of June, we had a toast to celebrate my 25th birthday. 🙂


Early morning the following day, I packed my bags, said good bye to Bangkok, and boarded the plane to Phuket for Part 2 of my Thailand birthday week.

Read about it here: https://samarellano.com/2017/05/28/i-spent-my-birthday-week-with-strangers-part-ii-phuket-krabi-phi-phi-island-thailand/


Bangkok, Thailand | June 2015


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