Genuine Kindness from a Fellow Dog Parent Halfway Around the World

In this day and age when all we hear on the news and see on social media are killings and crimes, this is exactly what we need.

This is a true story based on my personal experience and it is extra special because it involves dogs and fellow dog parents.

It all started when I opened an Instagram account for my Maltipoo dog Chandler Paddington. (Yes, I’m THAT kind of a dog parent.)



I guess when you’re a cute fluffy puppy, you’re naturally bound to make friends, or as we call it in the pet parent world, FURIENDS.

Chandler has been receiving compliments and messages from his furiends and I just couldn’t help but feel so proud of my boy.

There’s one though who has been consistent.


She would drop sweet comments for Chandler.


Oftentimes, she would be like a big sister encouraging him. ❤




In some days, she would simply share her own experiences.

This sweetheart’s name is Bella and she’s an Australian Labradoodle from San Francisco.


And she’s the cutest in her bandanas!









Bella and Chandler somehow became closer. I admit that whenever I would post a photo on Chandler’s account, I always looked forward to reading Bella’s sweet comments. ❤

Not many people know about this other world I’m living in. Maintaining MY DOG’S Instagram account, posting, and commenting as I am him? C’mon. Admit it. Some would find this weird.

Well, through this weird thing I was doing, made me believe genuine kindness exists.

Last October 2017, I (or maybe I should say Chandler) had an unexpected Direct Message on Instagram.

It was from Bella. (Or her mum. It can be confusing sometimes when you get too engrossed in it)


I admit. I was iffy at first. I mean… Seriously? Who would give a gift to a stranger for no reason at all? And why?

I guess she knew and felt I was reluctant. So she had the initiative to reassure me.


Until this point I still didn’t believe her. So many doubts and speculations were going through my mind but something was telling me to trust her.

She then introduced herself. Bella’s mum with Bella’s aunt. She said she wanted me and Chandler to be comfortable with them. Wasn’t that just sweet? (For the purpose of their privacy I left out that part of our conversation)

So okay,  I calmed down and started to feel more comfortable with Bella and her family.

But to still be safe, I gave my office address and didn’t reveal my real name.

Weeks have passed and there was still no package.

Until one day, I found this on my table:


O M G.

She really sent it!

It wasn’t a scam!

And omg the package is addressed to CHANDLER PADDINGTON from BELLA! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I was so shocked. Surprised. Overwhelmed. And a tad guilty for doubting her.

I opened the package and I was just drowned in emotions.

In my hands were concrete evidences of genuine kindness, love, and sincerity.


Just as she promised, she got Chandler his very own bandana!

Rockin’ his new mohawk haircut with his new bandana!



But what really touched me the most was the postcards and the letter she wrote.



Needless to say, Chandler was as happy and excited as I was.


It was difficult to get a decent photo of him! Haha.




I still feel overwhelmed as I’m writing this.

Never have I imagined that I would experience this, let alone from a stranger.

Like I said, in this day and age, it is difficult not to be guarded. You think you can’t trust anyone, every one around you has underlying reasons, and selfish motives behind a kind gesture.

But today, all that changed.

To Bella, her mum, and her aunt, you showed be that through your heartfelt and selfless gesture.

From the bottom of our hearts…



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