First Time Out Alone (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)

It feels funny writing about this trip. For one, this was 4 years ago. And 50 lbs ago.

To be honest, I could barely remember the details of this trip so this post won’t give you much information about the place, how to get there, what to eat, and what not. When I remember as I go along, I will write about it.

But I will tell you about how I ended up going on this trip and why it’s still worthy of posting.

This was my first solo trip outside the Philippines. Unintentionally.

I was supposed to go with someone, but as we all know, when you’ve recently broken up with someone, it’s not exactly a good idea to go on a trip together. (And it’s even funnier to write about this haha.)

So what to do?

Pack my bag and go ahead with the trip, of course!


It was… Scary. But exciting. No other way to do it but to do it, yeah? Haha.

So there I was, going on my first ever solo trip outside the Philippines.

Off to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

20140623_221247 20140624_011902.jpg 20140624_014807.jpg

Such a noob traveller I was then, I landed at around 2am with no pre-booked transfers and all public transportations at that time weren’t going on trips.


So I ended up sleeping at the airport until they opened the next morning.

20140624_073303.jpg 20140624_081302.jpg

So before you read on, let me manage your expectations. I did NOT climb Mt. Kinabalu.

How could I? My 190-pound self had zero exercise.

So instead, I just spent time in the city and did all the touristy stuff.


So as I’ve said, I could barely remember any of these, so just go ahead and browse the photos.

20140624_083744.jpg 20140624_111204 20140624_112823 20140624_113154 20140624_113552 20140624_114311 20140624_114455 20140624_122019 20140624_170328 20140624_17152020140624_181738 20140625_145558 20140625_150423 20140625_165100 20140625_194038 20140626_162721 20140626_165707 20140626_170929 20140626_173504 20140626_173539 20140626_181100 20140626_182346 20140626_182506 20140627_140214 20140627_142400 20140627_142901 20140627_143505 20140627_143641 20140627_143958 20140627_144945 20140627_151315 20140627_153824 20140627_160813

I may not have remembered much about this trip, but it still remains memorable.

You know what they say about firsts. It will always be special.

And also, it was on this trip that I saw the most beautiful sunset.

No filter, no edits needed.

(Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia | 2014)



Please ask permission if you wish to copy / save the photos and use for personal use.
All the photos are taken by me and for those with me in it, I’ve asked locals or fellow tourists.


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