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Wedding day. It’s the day that most little girls look forward to have. It’s THE day. And I was one of those girls. I would look far into the future having an ideal picture of how that day would be, how it would feel to walk down the aisle towards the man waiting by the altar. It was a dream, really. And on the 29th of October in 2018, mine became a reality.

I write this now, exactly one year from that day, and it still feels surreal that it all happened.

There’s so much more we both have yet to learn about each other and there’s so much more we’ve yet to experience as a couple.

God has indeed blessed this covenant in so many ways and we’re both thrilled to see what He is planning to do for and through us.

So for the first-time ever, here’s our official wedding video and photos, all compiled in one page to be viewed.

(Thank you Harold Koh and Sarah Goh for the photos and Substance Films for the video)


Edwin_Sam-0422.jpg Edwin_Sam-0595.jpg


Edwin_Sam-0466.jpg Edwin_Sam-0510.jpg Edwin_Sam-0555.jpg Edwin_Sam-0579.jpg Edwin_Sam-0569.jpg Edwin_Sam-0576.jpg Edwin_Sam-0677.jpg Edwin_Sam-0646.jpg Edwin_Sam-0661.jpg Edwin_Sam-0662.jpg Edwin_Sam-0668.jpg Edwin_Sam-0680.jpg Edwin_Sam-0684.jpg Edwin_Sam-0698.jpg Edwin_Sam-0706.jpg Edwin_Sam-0712.jpg Edwin_Sam-0730.jpg Edwin_Sam-0746.jpg Edwin_Sam-0786.jpg Edwin_Sam-0793.jpg Edwin_Sam-0804.jpg Edwin_Sam-7812 Edwin_Sam-0815.jpg Edwin_Sam-0816.jpg Edwin_Sam-0832.jpg Edwin_Sam-0836.jpg Edwin_Sam-0843.jpg Edwin_Sam-0853.jpg


Edwin_Sam-0890.jpg Edwin_Sam-0883.jpg Edwin_Sam-0971 Edwin_Sam-0963 Edwin_Sam-1019 Edwin_Sam-1023 Edwin_Sam-1035 Edwin_Sam-1054 Edwin_Sam-1028.jpg Edwin_Sam-1068 Edwin_Sam-1076 Edwin_Sam-0981 Edwin_Sam-1062 Edwin_Sam-7856 Edwin_Sam-7822 Edwin_Sam-1099 Edwin_Sam-1102 Edwin_Sam-1096 Edwin_Sam-1083 Edwin_Sam-1112 Edwin_Sam-1142 Edwin_Sam-1147 Edwin_Sam-1160 Edwin_Sam-1165 Edwin_Sam-1168 Edwin_Sam-1172 Edwin_Sam-1175 Edwin_Sam-1181Edwin_Sam-1184 Edwin_Sam-1190 Edwin_Sam-1193 Edwin_Sam-1199 Edwin_Sam-1208 Edwin_Sam-1213 Edwin_Sam-1217 Edwin_Sam-1230 Edwin_Sam-1285 Edwin_Sam-1290 Edwin_Sam-1294 Edwin_Sam-1253 Edwin_Sam-1349 Edwin_Sam-1270Edwin_Sam-1313 Edwin_Sam-1322 Edwin_Sam-1323 Edwin_Sam-1326 Edwin_Sam-1329 Edwin_Sam-1414 Edwin_Sam-1426 Edwin_Sam-1428 Edwin_Sam-1464 Edwin_Sam-1473


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