San Marino Tuna Flakes: What’s Next? (Philippines)

The canned tuna category in the Philippines has been solely dominated by one brand for decades. This said competitor has positioned their product as the healthy go-to food to give you a sexy bod. San Marino comes in as a new player in the competition and then gives us a brief to launch their product with an interesting proposition.

The brief: Launch the new San Marino Tuna Flakes and position it as your protein source for strength as you go through different adventures, not just to have a sexy bod.

We launched What’s Next?, the campaign that embodies the YOLO attitude of the millennials to go through one adventure after the after because there is, after all, so much more to life than looking sexy and being confined within the four walls of the gym.

We collaborated with Daniel Matsunaga, Brazilian-Japanese model and adventurer for all the collaterals.

30s TVC
15s TVC
15s TVC

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