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No Filter Needed (Iceland)

Going on this trip is the ultimate dream come true, really. Having a honeymoon is a dream come true. To places you’ve always wanted to go to is a dream come true. And going there with the one is a dream come true. What more could a girl ask for? Just a few things to take note…

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Second (Sapa, Vietnam)

To celebrate our second anniversary, we decided to have a quick getaway. We wanted to go somewhere cold and not too expensive. For the end of May, there wasn’t that many choices. We ended up deciding to go to Sapa, Vietnam. From Singapore, we needed to fly to Hanoi first. We arrived around 8pm, exhausted…

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One Night (Yangon, Myanmar)

It all started a little after sunrise on a Saturday. The coffee-stained boarding pass pretty much speaks for the rush and stress I had that morning. I nearly missed my flight! Nonetheless, I made it. The trip was meant to be a quick one for the long weekend. Little did I know it was going…

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