One-Day Getaway (St. John’s Island + Lazarus Island, Singapore)

It was 10 May 2017, a Wednesday, and a public holiday in Singapore.

So what would you do if you get to have a day off smack in the middle of the week?

Here’s what we did.

A 45-minute boat ride from Marina South Pier,


which cost only $18 per person (for adults; $12 for children),


brought us to one of Singapore’s offshore islands


called St. John’s Island


where we had a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city.


This somewhat remote island at the southern area of Singapore is enveloped with all sorts of greens.


Just pick a spot where you want to laze around and have a mini picnic.

Reminder: There are no stores and/or restaurants on the island. Make sure you pack and bring over food to eat.

GOPR2073.JPG IMG_20170511_145426_121.jpg

As you go around to explore, make sure to greet the residents of the island- the cats!


They’re all friendly


and quite accommodating when you ask for a selfie! 🙂


On the other side of the St. John’s is a bridge that leads you to another island.

GOPR2099.JPG GOPR2098.JPG IMG_20170511_145432_832.jpg 20170510_114208.jpg

Lazarus Island is a neighbouring island that is quite similar to St. John’s.


It is also surrounded by greens


except that the greens lead to whites and blues.


Growing up in a country that is home to Palawan and Boracay, I’ve always had high standards when it comes to beaches.

Seeing the powder-like sand and clear waters here was refreshing.

Setting aside the grassy area, Lazarus Island’s Swimming Lagoon is by far the most serene beach I’ve been to in Singapore.


No wonder it prides the name of Singapore’s best-kept secret.

20170510_120525.jpg 20170510_120506.jpg GOPR2108.JPG 20170510_120610.jpg 20170510_120520.jpg

It was a good quick getaway.

To have a satisfying dose of nature.

A different view of Singapore.


It was definitely a day well spent.

St. John’s Island + Lazarus Island, Singapore | May 10, 2017  

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