Friso Prenatal: Great Expectations (Hong Kong)

The Problem:
Despite the rapid modernisation in Asia, many traditional expectations still dominate the lives of women. In Hong Kong, around 50% of new mums reportedly feel they’ve lost their identity after giving birth. This is resulting in many choosing to defer pregnancy or putting off parenthood altogether, leading to decline in birth rate in the country.

The Insight:

While progressive mums have the desire to stand up for their own expectations, conservative values from society silence them from speaking out with little or no venues to air out their own expectations, and few resources to help them achieve their personal goals.

Friso, a leading milk brand that supports mums over a hundred years in 25 countries, wants to make a difference. 

How can they help progressive mums have a voice for their own expectations?

Our Idea

We helped Friso launch Great Expectations, an online campaign that invites real new progressive mums in Hong Kong to voice out and share their own expectations and determination to be a mum and still succeed in their own personal goals.

We made a series of social-first videos that talks about the expectations being imposed on mums today and their own responses to them. The videos featured real mums-to-be firstly announcing they’re about to be mums and then revealing their own expectations after childbirth.

From YouTube and various social platforms, the videos invited audiences to go to the campaign website to learn more about the challenges fellow mums across Asia are facing. A collection of articles such getting tips on how to satisfy your wanderlust even as a mum help inform and arm mums-to-be to be the best mums they can be without compromising on their own dreams and aspirations.

“Great Expectations” Master Video 75s
15s v1
15s v2
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