Panadol Extend Bumper Ads Series (Malaysia)

Contrary to what most believe, joint pain is common amongst adults, not just for the elderly. This, in fact, gets in the way of their daily lives and their shared passions with loved ones without them knowing it. We used this insight as a way in to cut through the clutter and deviate from the typical pain-relief formula in most pain relief ads.

We took the most common situational triggers for joint pain sufferers in Malaysia and created a series of bumper ads for Panadol Extend. Each video was served based on their demographics and interests to have the most relevant messaging for the targeted audience.

“Back from Work” 6s
“Football” 6s
“Baking” 6s
“Morning” 6s
“Getting up” 6s
“Yoga” 6s
Product Demo 6s

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